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These Italian made Blue driving shoes come with extremely soft calf leather. If you are after comfort, then you have it with these exceptional Vincent & Franks driving shoes. Great when traveling or just wearing with your favourite pair of chinos, linen pant or shorts. 

  • Soft Calf leather upper
  • Rubber sole & Leather lining
  • Stitched rubber sole
  • Hand made in Italy

The iconic driving shoe was designed in the 60s by Italian Gianni Mostile. At first it was a shoe for the rich, a shoe designed specifically for driving, not everyone could afford leather shoes for the sole purpose of driving. The cockpits of many Italian roadster coupés, were and still are quite restricted and small, the driving shoe was created to cater to the wealthy gentlemen drivers that owned these automotive masterpieces and wanted a lightweight sleek shoe that made for easy driving. The rubber pebble sole that extends to the heel protects the leather when the foot is on the pedals and prevents the sole from slipping. Driving shoes have since evolved in their functionality, yet their design has remained constant, they are no longer used specifically for driving nor just for the gentleman driver, they are the perfect warm weather footwear, they can be worn from the plane to the beach and to the boardroom.

Weight: 0.95 kg

Product of: Vincent & Franks

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Manufacture: Italy