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Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to creating remarkable garments that inspire wellbeing by dressing elegantly; empowering individuals to discover themselves.

Our Story

All Great things start with passion, join us on our journey in pursuit of sophistication. Since 2001, VF Menswear has crafted prestigious, niche garments accessible to everyone with a taste for luxury and cutting-edge fashion. We have established a reputation in the fashion industry as one of the most respected menswear stores in Sydney.

With over 100 years of combined experience between the master tailor and stylist, our traditional and modern approach to fashion provides the most exceptional garments to our valued clients.

We acknowledge our roots by trademarking our heritage in every garment we sell under our Vincent & Franks label, which is European inspired and sourced materials with Australian production. By doing this, we support both of our local industries and maintain our prestigious reputation of quality and design.

We also accommodate a niche collection of men’s luxury brands from Europe, which complement the ethos of VF menswear.

Our founder and designer gains inspiration in nature, creating modern designs with colours that are organically abundant in nature, complementing the changing seasons.

Our process starts from sourcing sustainable fabrics for our inhouse labels, providing us with the highest European standard from eco-conscience fabric mills. Our designer, much like a sculptor, chips away the pieces to bring to life a one-of-a-kind garment. Since 2001, our seasonal range has never seen a design resurrected into our store, with each of our designs being limited edition and evolve each year to the changing trends of men’s luxury fashion. This then ends with our valued clients, ensuring their satisfaction and expectations are transcended. 

We offer the world garments you only have to buy once; a reflection on the emphasis we place on our quality and timeless fashion.


Your journey tailored by us,



VespaFashion Menswear is a Sydney, N.S.W. based menswear retailer specialising in premium Australian Made and European imported Apparel and Bespoke Apparel trading since 2001. VespaFashion Menswear is not associated with any other firms or organisations in the apparel industry, motor vehicle industry or any other industry, or any other organisations or families with the word “VESPA” in its name/brand/logo.

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