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Bespoke Leather & Shearling

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The modern-day person who appreciates old fashioned Australian made craftsmanship will love our luxury bespoke leather and shearling service.

Using only 100% Italian Leather, Lamb/Sheep Shearling from England, Italy, Spain & Australia. Only kept for the stylish person in search of luxury and exclusivity.

At VF Menswear, Under the Vincent & Franks label we have partnered with Luxe Bespoke leather studios in Melbourne, manufactures of Luxury leather garments since the early70s. Run by the Balsim family, a 4th generation luxury bespoke leather Tailors, their understanding of anything leather apparel, is unparalleled.

*Lead time 4-6 weeks*

  • We assist you to select a style that compliments your needs and wants as well as your personal style, then proceed to confirming the leather/suede/shearling article from our product range. Furthermore, to add your personal touch we consult by offering our large range of linings, metal hardware and trims to further co-create exactly what the client is requiring. The stylist at VF Menswear will measure you and send the dimensions to our Bespoke leather Tailors.
  • The Tailors will craft and create a pattern on brown paper to your specifications and body posture, to then make a test mock-up jacket using calico fabric called a toile. The toile is needed in order to work with our client and perfect specific sections of the garment – to further tailor to the client’s shape. (Toile is a fabric, used to make test garments)
  • Once the client is satisfied with the fit and style, we will send the test mock-up jacket back to our Leather Tailors and they bring your perfect and one-of-a-kind luxury bespoke Leather or Shearling jacket to life.
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