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This slim dress trouser is exclusively made in Australia for Vincent & Franks and comes with a natural stretched cloth that is beautifully made in the biella region of northern Italy, the cloth is elevated with a mid grey & charcoal shadow check weave, Its styled with two back and two hip pockets. Wear it with a nice light wool sweater and blazer, or just a nice shirt & tie, it will look fantastic ether way.

Please note: These are a slim style pant, before purchasing, take that into consideration if you have big calves.

Model wears size 34 inch & his height measurement is 6’3” / 190cm

  • 100% Virgin wool
  • Cloth made in Italy
  • Two back & Two hip pockets
  • Style: slim fit
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in Australia

Care Tips: Do not dry clean your trouser too often as it causes premature fabric ware & causes the fabric to go shiny after a while. Example: If you wear your trouser 1 time a week dry clean only once a year, unless it needs it, ask your dry cleaner to just steam them, or you can air the trouser yourself. On a beautiful dry day leave your trouser on a hanger and hang it outside on your clothes line for a few hours to air it, it will do wonders. Please Note: Most products need moth protection, make sure you change your moth protectors in your wardrobe every few months or per box instructions.

Weight: 0.35 kg

Product of: Vincent & Franks

Country of Origin: Australia

Country of Manufacture: Australia