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Pantherella Modern collection. These black floral Ficus Fil D’Ecosse socks are expertly crafted to Pantherella's signature high standards to give you premium men's socks that are a durable and reliable, a perfect addition to yor wardrobe when worn with suit or dressed down with  jeans & casual footwear.

Please note: On some of Pantherella stock items, there might be over 3 week delay if not in Melbourne warehouse & it has to come in from England. If you need sooner It’s recommended to call before placing order, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Flat Floral Leaf Knit
  • Highest quality Fil d'Ecosse / Mercerised Egyptian Cotton
  • Pantherella's Signature 'Seamless' Toe
  • Standard/Long Anklet
  • Hand finished
  • Modern collection
  • One Pair
  • Made in England

The Ficus socks feature the famous Pantherella 'seamless' toe. The fibres of Egyptian Cotton Pantherella use are very long, which means that they can be spun into a very fine yarn. These long fibres are also resistant to ‘pilling’ and therefore make very durable, hard wearing socks. The Cotton is grown and processed in the Nile Delta and then spun into the highest quality yarn in Italy then knitted and made in England.

Product of: Pantherella

Country of Origin: England

Country of Manufacture: England