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Tailored fit Fortune flat front tuxedo trouser has a low rise angled side pockets, black satin trim waistline & front fob pocket, keep in mind these trouser are low rise, so measure closer to your hip than waist for size guide. Matching Jackets & Vest Available.

Please Note: Some sizes might go on backorder if temporarily sold out. If you need urgent, please call or email us to confirm

  • 100% wool
  • Flat front Tailored fit
  • Textured black
  •  Low rise
  • 86cm in-leg
  • 19cm wide finished hem bottom, based of 84cm waist
  • Side entry pockets
  • 2 Back pockets
  • Half leg lined
  • Dry clean only

This flat front fortune wool tuxedo trouser, features a stylish 9-millimetre black Saturn trim front fob pocket and waist line, It has two side pockets and two hip pockets, perfect for evening wear. Care Tips: Do not dry clean your trouser too often as it causes premature fabric wear & causes the fabric to go shiny after a while. Example: If you wear your trouser 3 times a week don’t dry clean more than 3 or 4 times a year unless it needs it. Ask your dry cleaner to just steam them, or you can air them yourself, on a beautiful dry day put them on a trouser hanger and hang them outside on your clothesline for a few hours to air it, it will do wonders. Please Note: All wool products need moth protection, make sure you change your moth protectors in your wardrobe every few months or per box instruction.

Product of: Joe Black

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Country of Manufacture: Indonesia