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This beautiful black monk strap, comes in crocodile pattern calf leather with 2 buckle strap, just a good all round shoe, great for work, or you can dress down with a nice pair of jeans & chinos.

  • Calf leather upper
  • Leather sole & lining
  • Crocodile detail upper
  • 2 buckle strap
  • Blake stitched sole
  • Made with a approx 2.5cm heel
  • Made in Italy

In 15th century Europe, the life of a monk was dedicated to worship and manual labor, monks traversed the hills of Europe, reaping, sowing, plowing and binding the crops for their villages. Monks typically wore double strap sandals while plowing the fields, wearing sandals did not offer enough protection and slowed down work. The monks needed a practical shoe that covered the foot, was durable, and could withstand the rough terrains, the solution was a closed version of the traditional monks strap sandal, thus came the introduction of a monk strap shoe. The modern day monk strap, gives you a balance of two choices, it’s halfway between an oxford and a loafer, It’s a slip on, like a loafer, but includes a tongue or vamp like a closed shoe, Instead of laces, monks have their characteristic buckles, just a great all round shoe. Please Note: Once purchased, we recommended all leather sole footwear have a thin rubber lining put on the sole by a shoe cobbler! Reason being, to prolong the sole life of the shoe.

Weight: 1.0 kg

Product of: I Maschi

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Manufacture: Italy