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This rust coloured silk tie comes with multy circle detail and is hand made in Italy by Sergio Alvajee. This tie is cut on the bias for added flexibility, and features hand-stitched bar tacks while the label doubles as a keeper loop.

  • 100% woven silk
  • Tie width: 7.5 cm / 2.9 inch
  • Mild dry clean Only
  • Do not wash
  • Hand made in Italy

The necktie originated in the 17th century, during the 30 year war in France. King Louis XIII hired Croatian mercenaries who wore a piece of cloth around their neck as part of their uniform. While these early neckties did serve a function of tying the top of their jackets, but they also had quite a decorative effect – a look that King Louis was quite fond of. In fact, he liked it so much that he made these ties a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings, and – to honor the Croatian soldiers – he gave this clothing piece the name “La Cravate” – the name for necktie in French to this day.

Weight: 0.9 kg

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Manufacture: Italy