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Vincent & Franks Slim Fit Trouser Size Chart Australian Made

Vincent & Franks Slim Fit Trouser Size Chart

How to Measure

To take the following measurements (in cm) you need a tape measure.

Waist: Wrap the tape around your middle section, about (7 cm / 3 inches) below the narrowest point of your waist line.

Thigh:  Wrap the tape around your thigh!  (About 2.5cm / 1inch below the crotch)  

Guide: All bottom measurements are in circumference!

Please Note: All bottom measurements are actual trouser measurement, there might be a slight valence from batch to batch, but not enough to make any difference in style or picking the wrong size if measured correctly. 

WAIST SIZE Inch 30inch 32inch 34inch 36inch 38nch 40inch
WAIST SIZE CM 77cm 81cm 87cm 92cm 97cm 102cm
Hip Base of Fly 97cm 102cm 107cm 111cm 114cm 118cm
Knee 38cm Below Crotch 37cm 39cm 42cm 46cm 47.5cm 49.5cm
Bottom Hem Circumference 32cm 33cm 35cm 36cm 38cm 39m
In Leg Measurement 87cm 87cm 87cm 87cm 87cm 87cm