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Loake Shoes Size Chart

Loake Shoe Size Chart

The shoes listed on our site are graded in UK sizes.

The different Fitting Codes

English made Men’s shoes (and boots) are generally made in fittings E, F, G and H and these can be classified simplistically as follows:

E=  Narrow (Known as 5 fitting)
F=  Medium (Known as 6 fitting)
G=  Wide (Known as 7 fitting)
H = Extra Wide (Known as 8 Fitting)


Between fittings in the same size there is approximately 1/4" difference in girth measurement.

Although there is no absolute standard for fittings, there is a table of measurements and Loake shoes are made as near as it is possible to get to that "standard" as they have been for over 130 years.

Most of Loake styles are made in F fitting, as statistics show that worldwide this is the most appropriate fitting for a majority of males.