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Tombolini Slim Fit T-Shirt / Polo Size Chart_Made in Italy

Tombolini Slim Fit T-Shirt / Polo Size Chart

How to measure

 To take the following measurements (in cm) you need a tape measure.

Chest: Wrap the tape measure around the widest point of your chest (the measuring tape should pass beneath the armpits and be positioned at the point of maximum circumference).

Hem Width: Wrap the tape measure around your hips at your hip bone.

Length: Measure from edge of collar to bottom of hem.

Please Note: Make sure you halve the circumference measurement of your chest, when looking at chest size chart below!

Example: If your chest measurement in circumference is 90cm, at 1/2 Chest it’s 45cm. “Means you are a size M” (46cm 1/2 Chest Width)

Just couple pointers below

  1. Never hang your T-Sirts or Polos in direct sunlight after washing.
  2. Always wash & dry inside out.
  3. Keep folded when storing in wardrobe.

Please Note: Bottom measurements is actual garment measurement!

All garments have some give, therefor might be a slight variance from garment to garment, but not enough to make any difference of choosing the wrong size if you follow measuring guide above and size chart below. 

1/2 Chest Width 50cm 53cm 56cm 59cm 62cm 65cm
Body Length 70cm 71cm 72cm 75cm 76cm 77cm
1/2 Body Hem Width 49cm 51cm 53cm 55cm 57cm 59cm