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This 2 Button tailored fit Sergeant Charcoal SB Suit separate jacket is made with half canvas construction. Makes a great work suit when combined with matching Razor Trouser.

Please Note: Some sizes might go on backorder if temporarily sold out. If you need urgent, please call or email us to confirm.

  • 100% Fine Wool
  • SB tailored fit
  • Half canvas
  • 2 Button front
  • 75mm notch lapel
  • Flap pockets
  • 4 kissing buttons at cuff
  • Side vents
  • Fully lined
  • Dry clean only

The Sergeant FJD899 Charcoal Suit Jacket is a tailored fit, is designed to hug the body closely and made with a half canvas construction, the advantage of canvas construction suit is that less glue has been used during construction and more stitching, which means the jacket will keep its shape longer and wear better. Care Tips: Do not dry clean your jacket too often as it causes premature fabric wear & causes the fabric to go shiny after a while. Example: If you wear your jacket 3 times a week don’t dry clean more than 3 or 4 times a year unless it needs it. Ask your dry cleaner to just steam it, or you can air it yourself, on a beautiful dry day put it on a suit hanger and hang outside on your clothesline for a few hours to air it, it will do wonders. Please Note: All wool products need moth protection, make sure you change your moth protectors in your wardrobe every few months or per box instruction.

Product of: Joe Black

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Country of Manufacture: Indonesia